Wealthy at 30

it's easier and more fun than you think


I immigrate to Canada with almost ZERO net worth and after 3 years I was able to buy my  freedom. I was wealthy, without even realizing it.

Freedom for me simply means having a “life reset button” that I can press anytime I get bored or tired or pissed with my job and decide to experiment on different career options. I was able to have it by having saved enough to live for 5 years without relying on my next paycheck.

My 3 year journey can be summed as follow:

  1. Dream and decide
  2. Earn and survive
  3. Pay off debt (for immigrants this might include great deal ofdebt of gratitude)
  4. Create own happiness (live below your means + save)
  5. Income upgrade (from 20k to 70k in 3 years. You could do better than this!)
  6. *Let the dollars do the work (current state still, as I only learned this lately, thanks to my dear husband!)

Now I’m on my next journey having found the  man of my dreams (plus he introduced me to investing… which I find more romantic than roses). Got married, so a new goal was made, this time it needs  joint effort. Now that we’re  trying to build a family (one baby at a time), our  long term goal is to have enough to afford full retirement before 40 and spend much time with our future kids and of course  with each other (hopefully he can tolerate me that long).

In this blog, I’ll share the nitty-gritty on how I managed to afford freedom within just 3 years despite the challenge of being new immigrant. I will also share what I’m learning while I try to help my husband achieve our retirement goal. If you’re among those whose been dreaming of this type of wealth, I’d be thrilled if this will motivate you as well and put you to action.

Lovingly yours,

Savvy Newbie