organizefreezerwk4We will be staying in Asia for 3 months and I need to use up my kitchen inventory as much as I can. So I challenge myself with this Nomad Kitchen Challenge.

As promised, I will post updates every Tuesday, trying to keep track of my progress, inventory and maybe some recipes within our weekly menu(if my LO doesn’t cry while I’m tying to take food pictures), with calculations of course.

Here is what happened last week. Now let’s see how it went this week.

Week 3: Reverse Meal Plan

If you’ve read my savvy kitchen post, you know one of the strategies that I’m currently doing is ‘reverse meal planning. Wherein meal planning is focused on items you already have in your kitchen, making it more efficient, minimal food waste, requires lesser brain power to think of what you want to eat, and save on grocery bill. And that is exactly how I came up with this week’s meal plan.


  • (6 servings for DH) workdays combo: homemade pork sausage, Spanish scrambled egg, tomatoes, avocado, refried beans
  • (2 servings for me and DH) offdays combo: homemade hash, sausage, omelet, homemade waffle and cream
  • (1 servings for me) Rice with Deep fried pork ribs and sauteed green beans
  • (1 servings for me) Sweet-style spaghetti
  • (4 servings for me) Chicken Arroz Caldo with boiled egg
  • (7 servings for me) plain oatmeal and milk or banana


  • (4 servings= 1 for me + 3 for DH) Deep fried pork ribs, sauteed green beans and boiled pinto beans/rice
  • (4 servings= 1 for me + 3 for DH) Discada with boiled pinto beans/rice
  • (2 servings for me and DH) Homemade Chicken Wings and Poutine
  • (2 servings for me) Rice with Deep fried pork ribs and sauteed green beans
  • (2 servings for me) Sweet-style spaghetti
  • Lettuce salad
  • Pineapple


Few clarifications:

  • Again, if you’re confused why there’s so many servings, that’s because I batch cook.
  • Why there’s so many variations even though I batch cook? Because I love veggies and not a big fan of beef, while my husband is the opposite.
  • Why there’s rice for breakfast? Because I’m Asian and I’d die if I don’t eat it at least twice a day. While my DH has the same affinity for beans, specially now that he’s on the ‘4 hr body diet’
  • What’s the ‘4 hr body diet’? Ask Tim Ferriss (hint: it’s supposed to make you sexy). This is the only diet I know that has weekly “offdays”, that requires you to eat all the good stuff (ice cream, chocolates, chips whatever you like as long as it’s not so healthy), and yes it is required!
  • Lastly, I decided to make Sweet and Sour Meatballs for a potluck that we attended this week. That’s minus 2 packs of ground beef from my freezer inventory.

As you know, our freezer will be turned off for 3 months, so I made items in it my priority. Especially those not so cheap steakcuts.

From Freezer Inventory

  • 1 sliced beef roast
  • 1 pack pork ribs
  • 3 packs ground beef

What’s left now

Screenshot 2017-04-10 at 1.31.11 PM
I can do this!

Shopping list/Grocery Bill:

Screenshot 2017-04-10 at 1.57.26 PM

The Verdict:

  1. Use up the inventory. OK. I got rid of 5 packs of beef in total.
  2. Adhere to Savvy Kitchen goals:
    1. can still eat what we crave for. CHECK. My husband got his ‘off-day’ craving, I got my daily cravings.
    2. healthy (right, this is only second). CHECK. My breastfeeding diet and my husband’s ‘4hrbody’ requirements have been fulfilled.
    3. cost >$300/mo or $69/week. HMMM. With $69 grocery bill plus $23/wk beef subscription, that’s a whooping $92 for just a week. But I still have hope. Wings, milk, green beans will last for few weeks anyway. I just need to plan better for the up coming weeks.
    4. fun and easy (since it will only take 6 weeks, my inconsistency will be not much of a problem). So far so good. I decided not to use ‘categories’ with the app since I only have short pantry and shopping list.

We got all goals accomplished except for the third. Since I spent $73 last week and $92 this week, I should only spend $111 for the next 2 weeks. That should include $46 on 2 weeks beef subscription (I promise, this will be our last year!). Which means I should only have $32.5/wk for grocery to get the $69 mark. Good luck to that!

Do you think I can make it? Feel free to advice me in the comment below.