We will be staying in Asia for 3 months and I need to use up my kitchen perishables as much as I can. So I challenged myself with this Nomad Kitchen Challenge.

After spending few days on trying to come up with a perfect inventory spreadsheet, I gave up. Then I accepted I need help. My husband suggested to look for an app to make it easier.  An APP!!! Why didn’t I thought of that before. And since he always end up being right (don’t tell that to him!), I shove my pride for a while and started googling.

After looking into several apps and millions of reviews (ok that’s a bit exagg, but it felt like it since I rather play with my little munckin), I found a seemingly good app that will help me do the job, at least based from the reviews. And since I’m just starting to use it, I can’t give my insight just yet. I hope it works though or else I need to manual transfer my list from 1 app to another.


The app has a free version that seems a perfect fit for me. There might be tons of apps out there, but I just choose based from the reviews and function where I can create a list of inventory with voice command (Not just coz I’m too lazy to type, my wrist is just sore. Have you heard of ‘mommy thumb’?) and directly create a shopping list when items go low. It’s called OutofMilk.

Here are the reasons why I like it:

Just to clarify, I’m not affiliated with this app or the developers. I just a regular housewife trying my best to be efficient.

It took me few minutes to do it. Awesome. Now I got my list, which is quite a lot for 5 weeks, I have to be less ambitious and just prioritize.

Since we will be packing all our things and putting all of them for storage, I should focus on freezer items (unless we want to pay additional cost for electricity). While my mom-in-law was too generous to let us store our leftovers in their freezer, I’d feel so accomplished if I manage to get rid of them.


Which will still be a challenge because we still have tons of beef (which I’m not a big fan of, but my husband absolutely love). It will only be 6 weeks, maybe I’ll just have to pretend I’m eating pork (I know, I know it’s not very healthy of me to love pork). What’s even more challenging is that half of them are lean ground beef! Yikes! So if you have good recipe for them, please help me on this.

Screenshot 2017-03-28 at 8.23.30 AM
…priorities (screenshot from Outofmilk)


Another items that we kinda hoard are frozen strawberries and blueberries. Who knew my husband will suddenly decide to adopt the ‘4-hour body diet’, which does not include fruit smoothies that he used to have everyday. Now it’s all up to me to eat total of 4 kgs frozen berries, which could have been ok, but within 6 weeks!?? Not sure about that.

Good thing, we are used to mass cooking and eating the same stuff for the week. For example, I cook only 2 to 3 main dish per week and that’s what we have for lunch and supper. For breakfast, my husband use to have only 2 sets, the weekday(sausage, refried beans, tomatoes, guacamole, eggs), weekend(hash, bacon/sausage, egg, waffle). Mine is more tedious and unpredictable though (am such a pain).

Oh my I’m craving for ‘crispy pork belly’ right now


And since my husband loves to sleep-in everyday (nicest thing about being on parental leave aka practice retirement), I only have 2 meals/day to think about, plus some easy snacks …if I just control my wild cravings for a bit.

Next week I will post my 1st week Reverse Meal Plan and update on my inventory. Wish me luck!

Got some idea how we can consume all our beef? Please let me know in the comment below.