frogs-897387_1920So we decided to stay in Asia for 3 months as part of our first long family vacation (8 months, you can call it “practice”retirement). To add some thrill, we won’t be paying our 3 months rent but will be spending a small fraction for storage instead. And since we don’t like wasting stuff we bought, I thought I’d empty my kitchen 6 weeks prior.


The aim of this challenge is to use up all kitchen items that will go bad before we are back to consume them. Since I haven’t got into the art of savvy kitchen until just recently, I have lots of stuff to go through. And I only have 6 weeks to do it (I probably should have done this sooner, but this is our first time, so be it).

To clear my mind, as always, I have to bullet point it.


  • Minimize food waste (the obvious)
  • Save on next grocery bill
  • Learn a lesson or two about creativity and savvy kitchening


  1. Use up items in our inventory based on their shelf life.
  2. Adhere to Savvy Kitchen goals
    1. can still eat what we crave for
    2. healthy (right, this is only second)
    3. cost >$300/mo
    4. fun and easy (since it will only take 6 weeks, my inconsistency will be not much of a problem)


  1. Come up with an effective and efficient way to do have an updated inventory.
    • As a new mom, I’m starting to love  my little rascal more than formatting spreadsheets. And since she’s not so impress with all those lines just yet (soon my dear, soon!), I should use less time on it. Means more playtime with her too.
  2. Create updated inventory of what’s in our 2 fridges, 2 freezers and 2 pantry cabinets. Sounds like a lot? For a housewife who loves homecooked meals and stocking on-sale staples, it’s not. Then  from that list, find out what’s going to expire before we are back. This automatically includes all opened food packs and frozen items, since we won’t be plugging it for 3 months.
  3. Do weekly meal plan based on items we need to get rid soon and current cravings.
  4. Update and adjust inventory every week.

Possible Challenges:

  1. Being a new mom, it’s a lucky day when I can even shower (ooops TMI).
  2. Having short appetite span, I find it hard sometimes to eat the same food everyday, except for rice which I eat about 3x a day. With rice I have either pork, chicken, fish and all weird-looking (at least for my DH’s view) fruits and veggies. Good thing my DH is much easier to please. As long as we have beef and beans, he can survive.

For self motivation, I will post an updated on our kitchen inventory and meal plan every Tuesday (grocery day).

Have you tried emptying your kitchen? How did it work out?